Replay – Tactics Ogre

Click here to watch embedded media Travel with us to 1998 for a look back at Tactics Ogre, a strategy/RPG that soars in its combat depth and branching story. Players can send 10 different units into battle and well for what class they can be is surprisingly deep, and even includes an octopus that can be used for war. We dive into the opening minutes of the game with a guest the Game Informer community knows well. Zachary Pligge is back! He and his father played Tactics Ogre roughly 20 times back in the day, and he brings his expertise of it to our show. Our discussion bounces all over the place, but hones in on some interesting topics for the games of yesteryear.

In our second segment, we take a brief look at Rival Schools: United by Fate, a fun 3D fighter from Capcom that features a familiar face Street Fighter fans may know.

Source: Gameinformer