Replay – The Bourne Conspiracy

Click here to watch embedded media In this episode of Replay, the Game Informer crew spends some quality time getting to know Jason Bourne and his quick-time events. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy is a video game adaptation of the feature film that expands upon the story and is created by High Moon Studios. We’re not sure exactly what content is new, but we do know that Bourne loves punching and kicking people, and when he gets the chance, he finishes them off with an ordinary object that is within his reach.

We don’t spend much time with this game before moving on to Creative Assembly’s Viking: Battle for Asgard. We spend a few minutes being confused by this game, and then settle into a nice groove with the terrible Gears of War clone, Quantum Theory. That game has Replay written all over it.

As always, enjoy our silly little episode, and we’ll see you again in seven days.

Source: Gameinformer