Resident Evil 2's 4th Survivor Mode Trailer Shows Off A Hunky Mode

When players managed to finish Capcom’s recent “one-shot” demo for their newly-released Resident Evil 2 remake, they were treated to a brief trailer showing of Hunk and Tofu, two classic RE2 characters who’ve made it back into the remake. Capcom has now also shown off a trailer showing how Hunk factors into the game.

Hunk is the main character of 4th Survivor, a throwback unlockable mode available after players beat the game’s 2nd Run mode. 4th Survivor offers a campaign that’s much shorter than the main ones, but is much tougher. Although Hunk starts out with way more items than either Claire or Leon, it’s all he gets for the run, and you have to beat the mode on a timer. After that, you unlock Tofu mode, which has you playing as the titular large block of foodlike substance armed only with a knife and a few herbs. You can find a gameplay trailer of the mode below.

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Source: Gameinformer