Resident Evil 2's Latest Demo Lets Us Dive Deep Into Claire And Leon's Campaigns

Although archaic now, there was a sure allure to survival horror on the PlayStation that has but to be replicated in the very same method regardless of huge technological developments. Chalk it as much as a younger age and an absence of perspective, however nothing fairly felt the identical as stalking the halls of the Raccoon Metropolis Police Division within the cowl of night time searching for the precise key to the incorrect door. I went into the Resident Evil 2 remake seeking to recapture that very same feeling, however discovered that Capcom wasn’t making an attempt to recreate a moment-in-time with the horror revival as a lot as they have been making an attempt to recontextualize it.

The Resident Evil 2 demo we performed at Capcom’s workplaces places us a bit bit into each Leon and Claire’s campaigns going totally different instructions. Whereas Leon’s demo began with him opening the parking storage gate with Ada Wong, longtime Resident Evil femme fatale first launched within the 1998 launch, Claire’s demo begins along with her getting separated from Sherry in the identical parking storage. The 2 comply with totally different paths for his or her whole demos, with Leon venturing into town’s sewers and Claire working for her life within the police division.

Leon’s content material was positively the extra linear of the 2, sending him out into town alongside Ada. Whereas the rookie cop defends his circumstances to the trenchcoated lady, she deftly dodges all questions on her personal previous and what she’s doing in Raccoon Metropolis’s zombie apocalypse. The dialog boils over in Kendo’s Gun Store, the place the now fleshed-out proprietor asks the pair to depart after it’s clear Ada received’t clarify something, prompting Leon and Ada to go into the sewers in pursuit of scientist Annette Birkin, giving Leon his first clue into his companion’s motivations.

Within the sewers, Leon finally ends up assembly with a large alligator who isn’t very glad to see him. The mishaps proceed till gamers can, for the primary time in Resident Evil 2’s remake, take management of Ada. Whereas the character has been playable in numerous Mercenaries modes and her personal climactic chapter in Resident Evil 6, she brings new instruments along with her into this remake. Ada can scan partitions utilizing an X-ray gun that lets her see wires and remotely hack electronics from a distance, an necessary key to fixing puzzles.

For Claire’s route, moderately than exiting into town, she enters into the Raccoon Metropolis Police division to discover a strategy to comply with Sherry Birkin. Whereas her long-term objectives of opening the parking storage gate are apparent, discovering the circuitous methods to get there includes a number of working round and creating short-term plans for the place to go. There’s numerous rooms that should be hit and puzzles that should be solved.

You don’t have time to take a seat and wait round, as Mr. X is pursuing Claire by the division. He shoves apart a helicopter, prompting Claire to swear to herself, and stalks her as she desperately tries to unravel puzzles. You possibly can hear him stomping from rooms away, supplying you with a warning to run or discover a save room to cover your self, however combating Mr. X solely ends in delaying him barely, with no probability of defeating him.


The sport controls immaculately, however this doesn’t imply you can be capturing zombies down like that is Resident Evil four. Ammo remains to be extraordinarily restricted and making an attempt to kill each zombie will lead to a smoking however empty clip sooner moderately than later. One sequence with Ada places her in a room with 4 or so zombies whereas she solves a puzzle. Attempting to kill all of them is theoretically doable however unlikely. Gathering them multi function spot and utilizing a flash grenade to run previous them to the aim might be a a lot better use of your sources.

You possibly can try our New Gameplay Today for footage from the demo. Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25 for PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC.

Supply: Gameinformer Previews

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