Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu Invades Fallout 4 With This Mod

We’ve been learning quite a bit more about Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu and the danger she poses in recent weeks, including more about her daughters and the castle in which they reside. That being said, nothing could have prepared us for the ultimate Lady D takeover: the Commonwealth. That’s right; Lady Dimitrescu is invading Fallout 4 with this mod. 

For those that may be new to Mod Corner, this is a segment where I recommend some of the coolest mods I find around the interwebs. Sometimes they are older, like this hilarious Todd Howard as Jesus mod, and sometimes they are newer, like this Lady Dimitrescu addition. I also create them in my spare time, which means no matter what I’m doing, part of my brain is always on the latest and greatest in the modding community. In one of the Discords I’m in, someone dropped this Fallout 4 Lady Dimitrescu mod, and it is honestly too good not to share. 

Lady Dimitrescu may own her castle’s halls, but can she command the same respect in the Commonwealth? Modder VTaw is up to the task because that’s exactly where they are putting her with this Fallout 4 mod. 

This mod is pretty straightforward. It’s not a total conversion project, and it doesn’t add any new questlines, but it does retexture Lady Dimitrescu in the Bethesda title with the help of the Fallout 4 Texture Compressor (found here). 

For those interested in learning more about the latest Resident Evil villain, art director Tomonori Takano recently revealed more about Alcina Dimitrescu in all of her 9’6″ glory. From the varying degrees of madness in her daughters to her shoe size, it gets weird, but we’ll take anything we can get at this point. We’ll also be learning more about what Resident Evil Village has to offer when the latest Capcom showcase debuts later this week on April 15. 

Ready to roam the Commonwealth as Lady Dimitrescu? You can download the free mod right here. Interested in more mods? Check out some of our other Mod Corner coverage below: 

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Thoughts on Resident Evil Village and the obsession with Lady Dimitrescu? Any other mod recommendations you’d like to see from us? Hit us up in the comment section below; Ethan Winters would want you to. 

Source: Gameinformer