Respawn Wants To Move Apex Legends' Storyline Between Revenant And Loba Along

Apex Legends Season 18 sees Revenant return to the forefront of the battle royale game’s story, as the murderous simulacrum undergoes unexpected changes in his programming. Revenant’s role in Apex Legends’ story has consistently been the silent villain, the omnipresent threat to the rest of the legends. But with Duardo–Octane’s grandfather–beginning to take the reins as the game’s big bad, it seems like it’s finally time to see Revenant narratively grow beyond the reputation he’s cultivated for so long.

“Revenant has always been someone who, ever since we’ve known him, he’s never chosen to be a simulacrum or anything that was out of his control, and he really hates feeling like he doesn’t have any agency,” Respawn writer Jaclyn Seto told me during a press roundtable. “So these changes that happened to him are a pretty big blow and he’s really struggling with that. And so that’s something that we wanted to bring to the forefront of his story this season, and you’ll see how he deals with that over the course of Kill Code’s story.”

Following that up, IGN’s Stella Chung asked whether that means fans can expect to see a conclusion to Revenant’s arc, regardless of what that might entail. Revenant’s big goal, after all, is regaining control of his life by killing himself. It would be tricky for him to finally achieve his goal given that Apex Legends is a live-service game that needs to keep going for as long as it can and Respawn just offing one of the game’s main characters and removing him from the roster is probably not conducive to keeping players invested.

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Source: Gamespot