Riot Confirms That Teamfight Tactics Is A Permanent Mode

With Autochess, the new strategy genre that popped up from a fan mod of Dota 2 and has now spawned several other games from different developers, popularity is definitely on the rise. There are multiple games vying for popularity and money in the Autochess arena and all of them seem to be doing fairly well in their own vacuums. So well, in fact, that League of Legends developer Riot Games is making what was thought to be a temporary Autochess mode into a permanent addition.

The mode was introduced as a time-limited mode to League of Legends, somewhat aping how Autochess worked with Dota 2. While there was no end date given, fans expected that it would eventually go away, and Riot did not really dissuade anyone of this notion. In a press release today, the company confirmed that Teamfight Tactics would stick around permanently and it will be supported with updates, patches, and new content alongside League of Legends.

As part of this announcement, Riot also said that four new champions will be added to the game next month, though a little bit earlier on the game’s beta servers.¬†Camille, Vi, Jayce, and Jinx will all be arriving on August 14 for everyone, but beta server participants can give them a spin today.

Source: Gameinformer