Science-Fiction Weekly – Terminator 6, Genesis Alpha One, Lobo, Anthem

I briefly considered dedicating a section of this column to Kingdom Hearts III’s gummi ship, but then realized I would be writing about that mind-breaking abomination, and decided to steer clear of it for my own sanity. Xehanort made them appear apparently. Mickey also made his own gummi ship or something. How did they know this material could be used to travel to other worlds? Dammit. I’m getting into the weeds of the gummi ship and I clearly have no idea what I’m discussing. Let’s move on.

Genesis Alpha One, the roguelike star-charting game from Radiation Blue, is out today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. I thought this game showed a lot of promise, particularly the hook of your crew’s number being finite. If they perish, so does the hope of humanity finding a new home deep within the cosmos – that’s a cool approach for a roguelike. Every life is valuable. I finally got my hands on Genesis Alpha One days before its release, and found that element to still be interesting, but it quickly gets lost amid a sea of micromanagement and lackluster first-person action. I spent most of my time interacting with terminals. Expanding the size of the ship to help my crew succeed is fun and interesting, but the gameplay that emerges from it doesn’t have much in terms of variety or legs. The experience just doesn’t have much of a pulse outside of the opening minutes. I’d give this one a hard pass.

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If you’re wondering why Hollywood insists on more Terminator movies, I have no answers for you other than Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to be surprisingly great in them. Terminator Salvation and Genisys made me think this franchise doesn’t have much left in the tank, and, well, guess what: Linda Hamilton, everyone! She’s back as Sarah Connor. Bringing back one of the original characters could help this series get back on track, right? Maybe? Yeah, I doubt it too, but did I mention that Edward Furlong’s likeness from Terminator 2: Judgment Day will be CGI’d in for flashback scenes? The old crew is back together in Terminator film, which is directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of this film in the video below. Schwarzenegger’s Terminator grew facial hair.

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You know who else has a lot of hair? DC Comics’ Lobo. How’s that for a transition? Lobo is joining the second season of Syfy’s Krypton, and is played by actor Emmett J. Scanlan. In a tweet shared by series actor Cameron Cuffe, this take on Lobo is apparently a cross between The Joker and Wolverine. That actually sounds about right, but I hope the jokey side of him doesn’t include hysterical laughing. Lobo is funny in dark and disturbing ways. At least that’s what I got from him in the comics I read. You can take your first look at this crazed character in the image below. I think he looks pretty damn good, and love that television shows like this are absolutely going for it with the characters they introduce.

Imagine if you will, that the Joker and Wolverine had a baby and they raised this baby on a steady diet of Bane’s Venom, Glam Metal and murder. That’s Lobo.
— Cameron Cuffe (@thecameroncuffe) January 27, 2019

If you are looking for deep impressions of the Anthem demo, Game Informer’s Matt Miller has a piece coming later today. Keep your eyes out for that, as he is seeing it from the perspective of someone who has played the Destiny games for hundreds of hours. If you’re looking for impressions of the opening moments of the game, fellow Game Informer writer Suriel Vazquez played it for several hours at an event. You can see some of his footage and his thoughts in the video below:

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Source: Gameinformer