Sega Says Goodbye To Historic Old Headquarters

This month, Sega is moving its Japanese headquarters for the first time in decades, leaving behind their Tokyo office near Otorii station and moving north to Osaki, Tokyo. The new building has Sega Sammy branding over it, rather than the classic Sega logo on the older building, the land for which Sega sold for the equivalent of $47 million dollars.

The building is said to be torn down.

Yuji Naka, former Sega developer and head of Sonic team, tweeted wistfully from the front of the building about his old place of employment with his kids in tow.

— Yuji Naka / 中 裕司 (@nakayuji) February 24, 2019

“It’s said that the building where Sega Enterprises was located will be gone, so I came to take photos with my kids,” Yuji Naka wrote. “I told them that their dad made Sonic on the 7th floor of that building to impress them. I also saw a large number of people there and thought they came together to take a picture of Sega, but they were just there for a Pokemon GO raid battle.”

Naka currently works at Square Enix.

You can check out Sega’s admittedly pretty sweet new building below.

業務エリアのほか、Coworking Spaceやカンファレンスルーム、Cafe・BAR・食堂が設けられ、ゲームやダーツ、LIBRARYを通じコミュニケーションの活性化を図ります。
— セガ公式アカウント (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) August 24, 2018


Source: Gameinformer