Smeargle Is In Pokémon Go And Is A Little Harder To Catch Than Others

Smeargle, the painting Pokémon, has been introduced into the realm of mobile augmented reality title Pokémon Go. But unlike every other Pokémon in the game, where you meet them during events or finding them on the map and throwing pokéballs at the Pokémon you were lucky enough to find in your area. Not so much for Smeargle.

To catch Smeargle, you need to use Pokémon Go’s recently released snapshot feature, which lets you take pictures of the various Pokémon you have in your possession. When you’re taking photos of your Pokémon, occasionally Smeargle will appear in the corners or blocking your shots by way of photobomb. When you exit the camera mode, Smeargle will just be on the map for you to battle and catch.

Don’t worry, amateur photographers, you will also get a Smeargle-free version of your photo without its intrusion. 

It’s not clear if there’s any rhyme or reason behind how many times you have to take pictures until Smeargle appears, as you might need to take a lot before you can catch the artsy Pokémon. Still, it’s an interesting way to introduce a Pokémon most don’t think about all that often. Maybe it can get its own game, perhaps called Pokémon Let’s Gogh?

Source: Gameinformer