Sojourn's New Overwatch 2 Cinematic Features Story Missions And A Corgi

In anticipation of Overwatch 2’s upcoming story missions, Blizzard has released a lengthy cinematic revealing what Sojourn has been up to since the Overwatch team disbanded, what her motivation for leaving the team was, and how she once again becomes involved in their heroic escapades. The short ends with a look at the events leading up to Overwatch 2’s next season, Invasion.

The cinematic opens with a brief look at Sojourn’s morning routine, which features her bringing back a frothy cup of coffee to her city home where her corgi Murphy eagerly awaits her return. However, Sojourn’s peaceful morning is interrupted when Agent Trombley, a member of Canadian law enforcement, pays her a visit.

Trombley begins to question Sojourn’s whereabouts last night, as he knows other agents of Overwatch have been engaging in some good old fashioned vigilante justice. Sojourn quickly denies being involved with Overwatch, stating that while she received Winston’s call to arms, she never acted on it. Trombley then reveals during an operation last night, he and his team were ambushed by omnics, and only survived thanks to a mysterious protector who intervened.

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Source: Gamespot