Square Enix Assembles The Avengers At E3 2019

We’ve known for some time that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics had teamed up with Marvel to bring us a new Avengers game project, but the game has been kept tightly under wraps. Tonight, we got our first real glimpse of the title at the Square Enix press conference, and the Marvel heroes came out swinging. 

Marvel Avengers is an online enabled action/adventure game with a focus on cinematic storytelling, built to be played by up to four players online at the same time. While the main characters at launch (Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man) should be familiar to anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock in the last few years, it’s notable that Crystal Dynamics is crafting their own takes on these characters and their world, so they won’t be part of the same storytelling continuum as the same characters in the comics of movies.

We’ll be updating this article with additional info as it rolls in. 

Source: Gameinformer