Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Free Update With New Modes And Cosmetics

Respawn Entertainment released a surprise update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that adds combat challenges, a battle grid, New Journey+, and more cosmetics for Cal Kestis and BD-1. We knew Respawn wasn’t planning on any paid DLC for this single-player experience, but the developer has said nothing about periodic free updates like this. We’ll take ’em!

If you’ve already finished Jedi: Fallen Order, returning to the main menu will bring up an additional avenue of play called New Journey+, which is basically New Game+.  You won’t enter this mode with Force abilities unlocked, but will have all of your collectibles, such as lightsaber parts, kyber crystals , and cosmetics. All chests you opened will still be empty. When you start this second playthrough, you can equip Cal with a new Inquisitor uniform along with a red kyber crystal and two new lightsaber sets (which match hilts you can purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge).

On your second playthrough, you’ll also see a new Meditation Training option appear whenever Cal reaches a checkpoint. Should you choose to train, you can take on Combat Challenges or enter the Battle Grid.

Combat Challenges consist of waves of enemies designed specifically for veteran players. There are 12 challenges in total. If you complete one of these challenges you earn a one star rating, if you finish it without healing you get two stars, and if you can somehow complete it without taking damage, you get three stars. If you earn 12 stars in total, you’ll unlock three new BD-1 skins.

The other training option, Battle Grid, is designed for all players and is a sandbox that gives you the chance to battle any enemies you want, including Master Jaro Tapal and Inquisitor Cal Kestis. You can alter the difficulty modifiers to make these encounters easy or hard. You can save your grid encounter to take on at a different time.

This update also features several accessibility changes such as being able to skip button-mashing events, turn off the need to hold the climb button, and the need to hold a button to interact with something can be changed to a button press. And if you’d like the text to be bigger, you can now scale its size.

Source: Gameinformer