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Star Wars Outlaws Will Launch August 30

Announced just last year, Star Wars Outlaws already has a release date: August 30. Ubisoft did say that the game would be coming out in late 2024, but it still feels wild to see. Perhaps Skull and Bones just made me jaded.

The release date was revealed in a new trailer, which teased additional story elements of the upcoming open-world action-adventure game. In the trailer, we see protagonist Kay Vess accidentally cross the head of a rising criminal syndicate in the Star Wars underworld, leading to her need to stay one step ahead of the law and outlaws alike to earn herself a better life.

A few familiar faces from the seedier side of Star Wars make their appearance in the trailer. Jabba is the notable standout, a prominent member of the Hutt clan and a recurring character in the original Star Wars trilogy and The Clone Wars animated TV series. But there are other fun nods too, like the Pykes and Crimson Dawn–both are major crime syndicates that operated under or were allied with Maul in the final year of The Clone Wars.

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