Steam Link Can Now Be Used Long Distance

While Valve recently suggested an end to the Steam Link production by announcing how few were still in circulation, those who managed to get one will now have a renewed use for it. The Steam Link will now function over more than just a local network, as users will be able to use it away from their home PCs as long as they are connected to the internet.

Steam announced today that a new feature called Steam Anywhere is now in beta, letting players hook their Steam Link up to an internet connection and access their Steam library from anywhere, provided your Steam library is on a PC with a high upload speed. Obviously the Steam Link itself needs a pretty strong connection, too.

If you want in right now, you need to opt-in to the Steam client beta through the program’s settings and make sure you’ve updated to the March 13 version. The feature itself is obviously still in beta so it might not work flawlessly if you’ve got a big trip planned and expect to take your Steam library with you.

In Steam’s ongoing battle with the Epic Games Store, Valve is likely looking for ways to differentiate their store for end-users. Using Steam Link in this way, which they once suggested was unfeasible for the hardware, is probably the smart way to do it.

Source: Gameinformer