Take A Papercraft Journey Through Gaming History With This Music Video

Click to watch embedded media If you go back to play the games from your childhood, the graphics may not always look exactly the way you remember them – but you’ve never seen the classics of video game history quite like this. In the music video above (which we are premiering here on Game Informer), you can see an impressive range of games represented in stunning and stylish paper animation. If you have fond memories of games like Metroid, Punch-Out, and Shovel Knight – or if you just generally like melancholy music – then you should check it out. 

The song is simply called “Video Games,” and it is by Minneapolis-based musician Jeremy Messersmith, with visuals by animator Eric Power. The track is the newest installment in Messersmith’s Mixtape for the Milky Way project (Spotify), which he describes as “a celebration of sonic minimalism and introspective non-fiction songwriting.”

This isn’t the first time Messersmith and Power have teamed up; you may remember another paper-animated video for Messersmith’s song “Tatooine” making the rounds online several years ago:

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The duo has also collaborated on music videos for Messersmith’s other songs, like “A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard” and “Organ Donor.”

I’ve been a fan of Messersmith’s music for years, so the “Video Games” video represents a very specific intersection of my personal interests. If you also enjoy it, I encourage you check out his albums! In these especially dark times, it can be nice to think about a future in which everybody gets a kitten.

Source: Gameinformer