TERA is a novel motion MMORPG that permits you to develop into a legendary hero. As a substitute of the standard goal and auto-attack featured in most MMOs, TERA requires your individual talent in positioning, aiming, and timing your assaults to take down your foes. With seven races and eight courses to select from, and a wide range of abilities, you’ll be able to customise to fit your type, there’ll all the time be a wide range of methods to beat your foes!

With immaculate surroundings, stable fight, and visually interesting characters, TERA is an all-around distinctive MMO that’s setting a brand new customary for MMOs. Specializing in making a satisfying fight system primarily based on talent, gamers can expertise fight not often seen on different MMOs.


Baraka – Cousins of the dreaded giants, Baraka are a lot kinder and meditative than their barbaric cousins. Their unbelievable measurement and sturdiness makes them supreme for lengthy battles.

Popori/Elin – Pure protectors of nature, these creatures tackle animalistic varieties and excel at harvesting herbs and out-swimming their fellow races.

Castanic – Tricksters by nature, by no means let one get behind you as their excel at touchdown vital hits out of your blind spot. They’re armor crafting can be high notch.

Human – Leaders and wanderers, people have confronted many hardships and know the best way to deal with conditions when the strain is on. They excel at going through off towards different gamers.

Aman – Hearty blacksmiths hardened from years of slavery underneath the Giants Empire, The aman can take a beating, break by heavy CC, and show that they’ll by no means be slaves once more.

Excessive Elf – As soon as the mightiest conquerors on Arborea, they’ve banded along with the Federation to make use of their superior data of the arcane arts to deliver down the Argon menace.


Warrior – Agility tanks, able to consistently dodging out of vary of killing blows whereas sustaining agro on giant bosses. Their mild armor doesn’t permit for a lot of errors, so count on a excessive talent cap for this class.

Slayer – Masters of 1 on 1 fight. Slayers dodge, CC, and out dps practically any opponent as long as they keep in vary. As their HP will get decrease their adrenaline surges, permitting them to unleash their full potential.

Berserker – Shut Vary AoE kill shot masters. Although gradual and missing utility, with correct assist they’ll deliver down total armies of enemies in seconds.

Archer – Cell fast-paced ranged models. With a number of bounce backs, heavy hitting abilities, and quick AoE assaults, the archer is among the most nicely rounded solo courses within the recreation.

Priest – The generic therapeutic class, all however with some enamel added. Monks are squishy however pump out huge therapeutic and lengthy period celebration buffs, in addition to a pair devastating shut vary magic assaults to maintain foes away.

Mystic – An out of the strange assist class, the mystic is a should for any main celebration. They provide AoE auras that may bolster allies crits, protection, mobility, and mana regen simply to call a couple of, whereas providing grasp stage revive abilities and even supportive summonable pets.

Lancer – The heavy armor clad tank class, what they lack in injury they make up for in pure endurance and chain CC. Nevertheless they aren’t invincible, as you’ll shortly be taught for those who miss a pair nicely timed protect blocks.

Sorceror – Sorcerers combat from vary, shaping magic by an arcane disc, channeling the drive of will into sheets of flame, icy blades, and spheres of pure vitality.

Reaper – Would you like a category that may takeout a number of enemies directly? Would you like a category that’s half melee, but additionally mid-ranged? The reaper is a leather-wearing class that makes use of chain blades to dispatch their foes. The reaper is a really cell class that makes use of its chain blades not solely to wreck, but additionally take in well being and whip throughout the battlefield. Reapers start at stage 50, however you could solely create a reaper in case you have one other class that’s already stage 40 in your server.

Gunner – Gunners are fast-moving, high-DPS ranged combatants who by no means cease to ask questions—they’re too busy taking pictures first! With run-and-gun ways and funky new weapons! A novel side of the gunner is how she makes use of Willpower to activate devastating assaults. A gunner generates Willpower each time she kills an enemy, and when her meter is full…look out! Willpower fades quickly when not combating, so don’t cease taking pictures till each enemy is lifeless!

TERA: Destiny of Arun Growth

TERA’s first main enlargement and the most important content material replace so far. For the primary time, gamers set sail for the mysterious continent of Northern Arun, to face new enemies and challenges as they embark on an epic story-line.

The brand new gameplay content material options an elevated stage cap of 65 with all-new class abilities, huge new zones and difficult dungeons—plus the distinctive Coliseum battleground mode, the place two groups race to battle enemies in a PvE surroundings.

The enlargement additionally brings a number of quality-of-life gameplay enhancements. Gamers take pleasure in a simplified enchanting system, the power to fuse unused crystals into highly effective new ones, and a brand new quest UI that streamlines leveling by permitting gamers to teleport proper to the motion, discover teams, or flip in quests from any location.

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