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The Best Gaming Eclipse Memes Until We Do This Again In 2044

It’s a historic day: one that has united the world in a shared goal of understanding and spirituality. We are of course talking about Rex Manning Day, and while we’re loathe to disrupt any interruptions of Say No More, Mon Amour, we’re also kind of excited for today’s solar eclipse. By the time you’re reading this, the cosmic event might be over, but at least it lives on through memes.

We’ve seen some great jokes online this year and we’re compiling them below, ranging from the obligatory Simpsons reference featuring Leonard Nimoy to some terrific gaming references that most of us had forgotten about. Fortunately, some people have a very long memory!

Jokes aside, this total solar eclipse is a legitimately special one as it’s the first to pass through the US in seven years. According to NASA, we won’t be seeing a repeat of this until 2044.

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