The Expanse Episode 2 Out Now, Trailer Hints At Difficult Choice

Two weeks after the release of Episode 1 of The Expanse: A Telltale Series, Episode 2 is finally here. Entitled “Hunting Grounds,” the new episode sees protagonist Camina Drummer (voiced by Cara Gee, who played Drummer in The Expanse television series) face a new set of challenges, forced to make difficult choices regarding a number of stressful personal and tactical situations.

Telltale also released a story trailer focused on the new episode, giving players a sneak peek at some of the challenges they’ll face once they strap themselves into Drummer’s magboots and start giving orders. The trailer heavily implies that the new episode will force players to choose whether or not they want Drummer to pursue the game’s only romanceable NPC, Martian ship mechanic Maya Castillo.

In addition to interpersonal issues, Drummer will also be faced with scavenging a massive ship graveyard, with the ultimate goal of recovering fuel, supplies, and a few specific items requested by her crewmates. As mentioned in our The Expanse: A Telltale Series review (which encompasses the first three episodes of the season), quicktime events are far less forgiving in subsequent episodes than they are in the game’s tutorial-esque first episode, so players should be prepared to face a bit of a challenge in Hunting Grounds, and may want to keep an eye out during cutscenes, as they will sometimes be prompted to press a series of buttons or quickly rotate a joystick to avoid allowing Drummer to take a torpedo to the face.

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Source: Gamespot