The First Trailer For The Ni No Kuni Movie Has Been Released

You may remember the big deal with Ni No Kuni on the PlayStation 3 (and Japan-only separate game on the Nintendo DS) was that the game was assisted by Studio Ghibli, the world-renowned animated movie studio that made such classics like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. The end result was getting a game that looked a lot like the anime classics that inspired it. Now Ni No Kuni gets to pay back the favor with a movie of the same name and we get our first look at the trailer today.

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The movie doesn’t appear to be directly adapting either game, instead borrowing the general themes of children from the real world getting transported to the fantasy land. Despite having no involvement from Studio Ghibli officially, the movie is being directed by the studio’s former animator Yoshiyuki Momose, which explains why it still bears a resemblance in artstyle.

While no U.S. release has been announced so far, the movie will come out in Japan this Summer. Any decisions about wider international releases will likely take place after its run there.

Source: Gameinformer