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The Initiative's Perfect Dark Announced

At The Game Awards 2020, The Initiative’s Perfect Dark got the cinematic-reveal treatment. In a world that has fallen to ecological disaster, the megacorporations have provided solutions… at a price.  Are you ready to fight back? The original Perfect Dark hit in 2000 and was developed by Rare. How much of that DNA will carry over to this new offering? A special interview from The Game Awards highlights their vision for the new title. You can watch it right here.

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There are not many other details on the Xbox Game Studios title at the moment. When the Intiative was formed, we all wondered what their first project was going to be. Well, now we know. Since it’s a Microsoft studio, it’s fairly safe to assume that the title will be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. There’s no word on any sort of date yet. The Initiative is located in Santa Monica, Calif. Check out some details about the studio in the trailer below!

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Source: Gameinformer

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