The Latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer Finally Shows Off X-Men

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Team Ninja

Release: July 19, 2019

Rating: Rating Pending

Platform: Switch

You might have noticed that we have Marvel fever this month atĀ Game InformerĀ thanks to our cover story of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the upcoming Nintendo-published Switch exclusive. We’ve already had a bunch of exclusive features, footage, and discussion of the game, but Nintendo’s also supplying some new trailers, like this one focusing on the X-Men.

You can check out the latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer below.

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While we’ve known Wolverine is in the game since its initial reveal trailer at The Game Awards last year, but Marvel’s recent attempts in the last few years to tap down on publicizing the other X-Men made their appearance in Ultimate Alliance 3 somewhat dicey. Thankfully, this trailer confirms that a number of the mutants are making it in, including Nightcrawler and Psylocke.

You can check out our coverage hub of all things Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 right here, which has the roster so far and a few exclusive character reveals like Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye, not to mention our gameplay impressions.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on July 19.

Source: Gameinformer