The Made-For-TV Doom: Annihilation Is Apparently Real

Doom is a franchise that has been around for a long time and carries with it a certain prestige. It’s revival in 2016 was met with universal acclaim that we said was a “welcome return to form” in our review. But for a game whose focus is not and has never been on creating a compelling narrative (the main character doesn’t even have a name) it sure is strange that it now has two movies.

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The first movie is no masterpiece, but putting The Rock in it at least gave it some legs. Doom: Annihilation looks to give you the Doom story at its most pure – a portal opens up on Mars and demons are on the loose – but without the iconic Doom marine behind the gun. The trailer only says that it is coming soon, so we’ll just have to wait and see when Doom: Annihilation makes its way to a computer near you.

Check out the trailer above to see for yourself what sort of trouble the Mars marines are getting up to or read our most recent coverage of Doom Eternal and our what we’d like to see when the game launches later this year.

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