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The Rogue Prince Of Persia Builds On Dead Cell's Formula, Puts A Heavier Emphasis On Wall Running

The wait for the next Prince of Persia game is going to be a lot shorter than the last one. After waiting almost 14 years between the releases of The Forgotten Sands and The Lost Crown, we only have to keep patient for a few months to play the next Prince of Persia. Titled The Rogue Prince of Persia, the upcoming roguelike is coming from Dead Cells studio Evil Empire and is scheduled to launch in Steam Early Access later this year. During a preview event for the game, I played about 30 minutes of it–it feels like getting another taste of Dead Cells (which is great!) but flavoring it with Prince of Persia’s lore and emphasis on wall-running. I like a lot of what it’s doing, but there are aspects that give me pause.

In The Rogue Prince of Persia, you play as the titular prince whose rash decisions have led to a Hun invasion of Persia and the near annihilation of his home city. Possessing the power to rewind time upon his death, the prince returns to an oasis just outside of his city amid the attack and vows to work his way into the city’s heart to save his people and family and stop the invasion before it becomes too late. With each death, he returns to the oasis but with the knowledge of what’s to come and who he has to kill to make it to the center of the city.

As part of the preview, I spoke with Evil Empire game director Lucie Dewagnier about the game and, of course, I had to ask about how it felt making a Prince of Persia game knowing that another one was being worked on at the exact same time. “It was not a surprise because we worked with [Ubisoft Montpellier], we communicated with The Lost Crown team since the alpha stage,” Dewagnier told me. “From the beginning of our development, they took our game, we played their [game]. So we managed to not do the same thing. Sometimes [however], because we’re working on the same thing globally, we have the same idea–the same solution to an issue. But we communicated to make sure we were different and we are both making something new about the Prince of Persia.”

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