The Smite-Themed Auto-Battler Prophecy Heads To Early Access

By now you’ve probably tried quite a few auto-battlers, if they’re your thing. It’s cool if they’re not your thing either, but for some the game genre resonates as a more relaxing, cerebral experience. With Dota Underlords, Teamfight Tactics, and Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds (and many, many others) all offering a strategy experience that doesn’t tax your micromanagement, there are lots of choices out there to pick from. Now, there’s one more in early access form – Prophecy.

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While it may look like a Hi-Rez game because it does use assets and characters from Smite, Prophecy Games has licensed those resources from Hi-Rez. That said, if you’ve played the Hi-Rez MOBA, you will be right at home with many characters and abilities right from the get-go.

In a stark contrast to other auto-battlers, characters don’t come with their traits – they’re purchased separately and drawn from a different pool each game. This means even if you manage to pull off an ultimate-mana-surging double-casting mage build one game, you may never see (or be able to pick up) those same traits, characters, and items all come together in the same way ever again.

While all auto-battlers require you to pay some attention to what other players are doing in terms of drafting, the variance here and game flow encourages players to forsake going into a match with a “meta” build already in mind. Instead, you have to see what other players are doing, respond appropriately, and come up with a build on the fly depending on availability and demand.

Prophecy is free-to-play and available in early access on Steam. If you like auto-battlers, you might want to give it a try!

Source: Gameinformer