The Walking Dead Betrayal Lets You Become The Series' Next Great Villain

The Walking Dead was never shy about the humans, not the undead “walkers,” being the real threat. “Fight the dead. Fear the living.” has been its tagline for years. While the dead are dangerous, they are also predictable, slow, and easily distracted. It’s people, like the creepy Governor, the sadistic Negan, or the feral Alpha, who posed the greatest threats to those seeking to rebuild a functional society in the story’s post-apocalyptic setting. In The Walking Dead Betrayal, that theme once more runs deep, only this time it’s your turn to ruin lives, claim power, and feed your friends to the undead hordes.

I recently got to play an early preview of the game ahead of the upcoming PC beta, and I left feeling like I’d only scratched the surface of how different the game can feel round to round, and how wicked its traitors may become.

The Walking Dead Betrayal (TWDB) is a social deception and deduction game, which immediately elicits imagery of Among Us, the breakout hit and poster child for the genre. But the team behind TWDB, Other Ocean Interactive, is well-versed in this space, too. Having created the popular Project Winter, the studio is partnering with creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman’s publishing label, Skybound, to reimagine and build upon systems Project Winter fans will find familiar.

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Source: Gamespot