The X-Men Manga Is Being Remastered, And The Huge Deluxe Edition Is Up For Preorder

X-Men comic books have been around since the ’60s, but if you’re looking for a Children of the Atom adventure of a different variety, the long out-of-print manga will be reprinted later this year. Volume 1 of the remastered X-Men manga is now available to preorder. This deluxe edition will be published on November 12, more than 25 years after its original run ended.

Priced at $25, this 512-page paperback has received a new translation and is loaded with stories from mangaka Hiroshi Higuchi. Primarily based on the hit ’90s animated series, this manga has been out of print for years. Like the animated series, it follows teenager Jubilation Lee as she discovers her unique powers and has to deal with the slight problem of mutant-hunting Sentinels chasing her down.

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Source: Gamespot