Themed Seasons And Updates Coming To PUBG

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If you fear that PUBG has come to a standstill, worry no more. The PUBG Corporation is switching up its game with new content. Not only is the studio planning on releasing themed seasons, but updates to combat, gameplay tactics, and player movement.

The studio is working on making PUBG more than just another battle royale and expanding on realism. The developers want the game to be more survival smart and have the players explore tactics and not be as limited. More room for stealth is coming to the game as well with new additions such as climbing.

In each themed season, fans can expect new content, features, and a Survivor Pass. Season four is going to introduce an update to Erangel, giving it a much needed revamp. Players will get a chance to look at the Erangel update on the Steam Test Server publicly this weekend.

[Source: Eurogamer]

Source: Gameinformer