There Are More Worlds To Kingdom Hearts III Than We’ve Seen So Far

This yr’s E3 had a number of reveals for Kingdom Hearts III. After confirming a release date and offering hands-on opportunities, Sq. Enix introduced Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean as worlds alongside teasing extra story twists. It’s straightforward to surprise simply how a lot of the sport we nonetheless don’t learn about, particularly the variety of Disney worlds. We interviewed director Tetsuya Nomura at E3 at the moment, and he assured us the sport has lots extra in retailer.

Nomura was fast to remind us that whereas Huge Hero 6 has been introduced, Sq. Enix has but to indicate it off. “We don’t have many left, however we do have some left, together with our authentic worlds.”

Whereas Nomura has confirmed some authentic worlds will return from earlier video games, he says there might be some new ones constructed for the sport. 

Nomura additionally talked in regards to the choice to return to the Pirates of Carribean world. “For Kingdom Hearts III, I needed to do not less than one live-action film,” he defined. “That’s as a result of that is our first full-volume title on the present technology console, so I needed to check our limits in how actual we are able to make it.” He additionally spoke to Pirates of Carribean simply affording attention-grabbing gameplay alternatives, pointing to the ship battles and sea for underwater traversal. 

Preserve checking again for extra from our interview with the Kingdom Hearts creator. 

Supply: Gameinformer

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