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This Electronic Poké Ball Replica May Be The Very Best, Like No Other Ever Was

If you’re a Pokémon fan, I bet you’ve always dreamed of owning and/or throwing a real-life Poké Ball. Now you can live out that fantasy in style with these premium Poké Ball replicas coming next year. You probably don’t want to actually toss these at your collection of Bulbasaur plushies, though; they’re very nice collectibles. 

The Pokémon Company has teamed up with high-end replica manufacturer The Wand Company to produce a line of die-cast metal Poké Ball replicas set to launch throughout 2021. That would be Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, in case you haven’t been keeping count. In addition to recreating the classic red and white ball, expect to see replicas of the Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball in the coming months.

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Not only do these models resemble the genuine article, but they also have glowing buttons that light up via motion and touch sensing. Pressing the button changes the color of the lights or plays what the Pokémon Company describes as a “Pokémon-catching illumination sequence”. If that’s not swanky enough, the Poké Balls come in a presentation case that also lights up upon opening (with a touch-sensitive plaque to control the lights). Cases include a stainless steel ring for both protection and display purposes, as well as a uniquely numbered hologram of authenticity. 

The classic Poké Ball will be the first to go on sale for $99.99 and can be pre-ordered now via Amazon and other participating retailers. Additionally, a special Poké Ball will be available exclusively through the Pokémon Center store website. but orders are expected to arrive February 27, 2021 AKA Pokémon Day. These replicas seem like a fun way to celebrate the historic milestone, not to mention would look darn good on a shelf. Let us know if you’ll be picking one up in the comments!

Source: Gameinformer

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