This Neat Animation Shows Steam's Most-Played Games In The Last Four Years

Gaming trends come and go, and this fascinating data visualizer, which is presented in a GIF below, gives you an idea of what Steam’s most-played games were over the last four years.

The sped-up graph shows the top 15 games on the platform by daily player count. PUBG dethrones Dota 2 when the battle royale game released in 2017, but Dota 2 begins to steadily climb back up in late 2018. Grand Theft Auto V, Counter-Strike, and Garry’s Mod all jump around in rank, but they are a few that remarkably stay on the list.

Monster Hunter: World, Skyrim, Rocket League, and certain football managers make notable appearances too. Check it out for yourself below.

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Source: Gameinformer