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This Portal 2 Mod Adds A New Time-Traveling Portal Option

In case you haven’t noticed, we love writing about Portal mods here at Game Informer. For good reason, this Valve game is truly unique in its own right with hilarious writing to boot. One such mod that we’ve covered in the past is Portal Reloaded and with the 10-year anniversary of the game recently passed, we figured what better way to celebrate the passage of time than with a Portal mod that literally plays with the passage of time. That’s right, a time-traveling portal. Don’t lie, you know that sounds cool. 

This mod has been in the works from Jannis Brinkman for over eight years now, and that dedication has more than paid off. It’s not just a simple swap of colors or a retexture; this mod includes a completely original, fully-voiced story and the ability to travel through time with the addition of a third portal option. With the recent hotfix that just went live on the morning of April 21, and the mod itself finally becoming available for players to enjoy earlier this month, this once more came on my radar and I couldn’t help but share for those that may be unfamiliar.

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So what is Portal: Reloaded? It’s a mod that transforms the player into Test Subject 4-5-0-9 after they are woken up from stasis by an AI. Just like the vanilla game, the player must test their mettle in a challenging testing course within the heart of Aperture Science. “Within the depths of Aperture Science,” reads the mod’s official description, “secluded from the rest of the facility, lies a previously unknown and long-forgotten testing track.”

Expanding on the concepts of the main game, in Portal Reloaded you get a hold of the Triple Portal Device, allowing you to shoot three different portals. The familiar blue and orange portals, connecting two different places in space, and a third, green time portal, which connects two different timelines. Traveling between the present and a version of reality 20 years in the future opens up a completely new way of puzzle-solving.

Features include: 

25 brand new mind-bending puzzles
Fire three different portals
Explore two different timelines
More than 100 custom voice lines
New music
Unique puzzle mechanics

This mod is completely free to use and is available now on Steam. To get started on this new adventure, check out the Portal: Reloaded page here. You can also see what’s new with the latest patch notes, as well. 

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Thoughts on the addition of a third portal with Portal: Reloaded? Sound off with your hot takes in the comment section below about the time-traveling Portal mod! If you’re looking for mod recommendations for other games, feel free to drop a request as well! 

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