This Valheim Mod Adds Necromancy Into The Game

Knowing necromancy means never having to say goodbye. Luckily, this Valheim mod adds exactly that. There’s already one mod that adds Skyrim’s magic into the world of Valheim, so adding necromancy just adds a little more flavor into the mix. 

So how does necromancy work in Valheim anyway? What this mod does is it adds that ability for players to summon up to eight skeletons to fight your battles alongside you. Players can summon them with the addition of a “convoking wand,” with a small catch of sacrificing HP (give a little to get a little). Players can heal with this ability, sacrifice, and command each skeleton to do their bidding. They also teleport with you and will follow you, so it’s really just a super morbid companion. Friends are fun! 

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The above video showcases this mod in action, showing off how the summoning works and how effective the skeletons are. Cycle through them, heal them, tell them where to go – this addition is pretty easy to control, so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of chaotic skeletons just wreaking havoc in the world of Valheim. 

There are two main kinds of skeletons that you can conjure with Warriors and Archers. Archers are a solid pick if you need range, but Warriors are great for when you’re solo’ing a boss. More features are on the way, as well, including more conjurable creators as part of the plan. 

According to the mod’s creator, here’s what players can look forward to in future updates: 

Add more conjurable creatures (a lot more involved than you’d think)
Add more customization (weaponry, skills)
Tweak balance if something is a bit too strong or weak
Configurable weapon damage and element damage modifiers
AI improvements
Manual targeting (force aggro skeletons onto one target to focus it first)
Make it so the text on skeletons doesn’t say pet because that’s pretty weird

Ready to raise some dead? You can download the necromancy Valhaim mod here. 

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Thoughts on necromancy joining the party with this Valheim mod? Are you looking for mod recommendations for a different kind of game? Sound off in the comment section below, happy to help! 

Source: Gameinformer