Tons Of Capcom Music Lands On Spotify

If you listen to video game music, you might already be well-acquainted with the struggles of getting it on streaming services. Whether it’s a licensing issue or merely low priority for services to get up for fans, it’s hard to get some of your favorite tunes on the streaming platforms you use. If you’re a Capcom fan that uses Spotify, though, you’re in luck.

As discovered by Twitter user @_watsu, a large amount of Capcom music from games like Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, Breath of Fire, and way more has suddenly dropped on Spotify.

So, Capcom just added
to their Spotify
There’s way too much stuff to list but there’s Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Phoenix Wright, Mega Man and lots of arranged albums too
— Walt (@_watsu) February 11, 2019

It’s far from a complete library, but it’s still a ton of music, including tracks from titles never released in the west. If you find yourself in the mood for some classic jams or are looking for a new playlist for the gym, there’s a lot here to peruse.

Capcom just released Resident Evil 2 and has the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 on March 8.

Source: Gameinformer