Ubisoft Brings Back Rocksmith As A Subscription Service, Closed Beta Sign-ups Start Today

During Ubisoft’s E3 presentation, the publisher to announced its getting back in the instrument tutorial game with Rocksmith+. This new version of Rocksmith was given ample time in the live stream and showed off how Ubisoft San Francisco is transforming the franchise from a standalone product into a subscription service. 

Arthur Von Nagel, a Ubisoft producer, discussed some of the enhancements and changes coming to Rocksmith+ after showing a trailer with people using the service. Nagel boasted how aspiring musicians can learn to play guitar or bass by connecting their instrument of choice a PC, console, or mobile device. Because Rocksmith+ is able to use your phone as a microphone, acoustic guitar players and those using electric guitars with amps can play without additional equipment.

Nagel also announced a bunch of new additions to how people can learn from Rocksmith+. Chord charts are being added for those who prefer to strum along to songs that way. Fear not, as the note-for-note style of past versions of Rocksmith is also included. 

Sign-ups for the Rocksmith+ “closed beta” are starting today.

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Source: Gameinformer