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Update: Uh Oh, The Automatons Are Back In Helldivers 2

Helldivers II 2 automaton threat defeated operation swift disassembly update

Update, 4/9/24:

Yesterday, players celebrated what they thought was the complete eradication of the Automaton Legion in Helldivers 2. The official Helldivers 2 X (formerly Twitter) account even tweeted about players’ success in the galaxy. Now, roughly a day later, the Automatons have returned. 

“Somehow, the Automatons returned. As suspected all along, the previous Bot force was merely a vanguard. A massive fleet how now begun an assault on Cyberstan and the surrounding planets. Helldivers, hold back this unprovoked invasion. The fight continues!”

If you play Helldivers 2, you know this is probably going to be really, really bad. Have fun! Save democracy!

The original story continues below…

Original story, 4/8/24:

Players have defeated the entire enemy Automaton bot faction in Helldivers 2, making Operation Swift Disassembly a success. Now, with one of the game’s two enemy factions wiped from the galactic map, players wonder what developer Arrowhead Game Studios has in store for them. 

Last week, a new major order called Operation Swift Disassembly was doled out to Helldivers, tasking Super-Earth’s finest soldiers to annihilate the Automaton Legion. Days later, the Automatons are no more and Operation Swift Disassembly is complete. The studio congratulated players with the following message on X (formerly Twitter), and while it looks great on the surface, many are wary of what Arrowhead might have planned next. 

“You did it, Helldivers. Operation Swift Disassembly was a success! With the bots eradicated and bugs contained, the galaxy is free once more.” 

Sure, the galaxy is free…for now. If you’ve been playing Helldivers 2 since launch, you know players are likely just days away from some new galactic horror, Automaton re-emergence, or something even more terrifying. Of course, there’s the funnier timeline where this just means Helldivers 2 is done and Arrowhead turns off the servers, as many have joked about online, but with so much momentum for the game, there’s no shot this is the end. 

In the meantime, read about the Democratic Detonation premium Warbond that drops into Helldivers 2 this week, and then read about how the latest Helldivers 2 update increased the level cap, added blizzards and sandstorms, and more. Check out Game Informer’s Helldivers 2 review to find out why we think it’s a must-play game. 

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