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Vampire Survivors Is Coming To PlayStation And Getting Contra Crossover DLC

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are dropping into Vampire Survivors next month as part of a Contra-based DLC called Operation Guns. Then, later this summer in the northern hemisphere, PlayStation owners can play as the muscle-bound Konami characters too, because Vampire Survivors is finally headed to PS4 and PS5.

Developer Poncle revealed the PlayStation releases and Contra DLC at the Triple-I Initiative, a showcase that included the studios behind Dead Cells, Slay the Spire, and more. Operation Guns is planned to launch May 9 for Vampire Survivors for $2.49. Along with Bill and Lance, the add-on will feature a new stage called Neo Galuga, nine other characters including Probotector, and 22 weapons from the run-and-gun series. Obviously, the most famous is the Spread Shot, which will come to the roguelike game so players can blast away skeletons and werewolves.

This won’t be the first crossover event for Vampire Survivors. In December, the roguelike game got Among Us DLC named Emergency Meeting. That add-on introduced nine new characters along with 15 weapons. Vampire Survivors has also paid homage to other gaming classics in the past, such as recreating a Final Fantasy 7 trailer earlier this year.

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