Video Explores How Octopath Traveler's Music Plays On Nostalgia

Octopath Traveler would not draw back from its inspirations. The turn-based fight, character lessons, and pixel-art designs are all firmly rooted in traditional JRPGS like Chrono Set off and Last Fantasy. Nonetheless, as evidenced by the numerous fashionable graphical filters layered on prime of its pixels, the sport vegetation one foot firmly within the current even whereas emulating the previous. In our review, we stated that it feelsĀ like “a sport from an alternate timeline.”

YouTube channel Recreation Rating Fanfare tackles this obvious contradiction in a brand new video specializing in Octopath’s orchestral soundtrack. Via an in depth evaluation of how composers created themes for 16-bit JRPGs, the video demonstrates that easy melodies and particular instrumentation can evoke a strong emotional responseĀ from the participant.

Mathew Dyason, creator of Recreation Rating Fanfare, was one of many creators we talked to in our function on Patreon-funded YouTube channels. Verify that piece out here.

Supply: Gameinformer