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Vintage Cartoon FPS Mouse Gets New Trailer With Grappling Hook, Spinach Power-Up, And More

mouse fumi games 1930s vintage cartoon noir first person shooter FPS gameplay trailer

Developer Fumi Games and publisher PlaySide Publishing have released a new trailer for Mouse, the 1930s vintage cartoon-inspired FPS, and in it, we get gameplay featuring new traversal mechanics, power-ups, and more. Released during today’s Triple-i Initiative Showcase, this new Mouse gameplay trailer highlights the grappling hook, helicopter, and Spinach power-up. 

As you might expect, the grappling hook allows players to target designated points in a level for rapid movement and traversal. The helicopter adds vertical traversal to players’ arsenal with reduced descent speed, and finally, the Spinach power-up augments and enhances melee combat (in a nod to Popeye). 

Check out the latest Mouse gameplay trailer for yourself below

“Mouse is incredibly important to all of us here at Fumi Games, and we’re committed to making sure that it lives up to all of the expectations,” Fumi Games CEO Mateusz Michalak writes in a press release. “Our goal has always been to create a game that combines our passion for animation with our passion for first-person shooters. We are genuinely committed to collaborating closely with the Mouse community to craft a game that truly resonates with players. 

“We’ll aim to share more details – whenever possible – as development progresses. Our partnership with PlaySide and our dedicated and talented team is working hard to bring you the finest grandboomer cartoon shooter ever created.” 

Here are some new screenshots from Mouse for your viewing: 


Mouse was revealed back in 2023; it’s due out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC in 2025

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