Wacky Local Co-Op Adventures In Heave Ho

Heave Ho is pure silliness in the form of a local co-op experience. At PAX East 2019, I had the chance to check out the experience of little avatars attempting to squiggle their way to victory, a sort of party game that’s designed for plenty of interaction between players.  While the controls are simple, the experience of moving your character to the finish line with the other players can be anything but. Using your hands, you’ve got to grip, jump, and slide your way around dangerous maps. If you’re feeling really bold you can try to collect bonus coins to unlock cosmetics, which can also be unlocked by playing or participating in random mini-games that pop up from time to time.

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Hand over hand, things can go wrong in a hurry, leading you to fall to your doom or crash up against deadly spikes. If one of your friends is really good, they might be able to carry you to the finish line, quite literally, by attempting to hold your hand through dangerous twists and jumps. Working together is where Heave Ho shines, but it can be equally fun to just mess around and topple to the bottom of the board over and over again. If you die, you respawn right back at the start to try again – or to do some more dumb stuff and enjoy another hilarious demise.

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Heave Ho is coming to PC and Switch this summer. 

Source: Gameinformer