Warframe's Duviri Paradox Slides Into Next Year

During a home devstream today from Digital Extremes, players were treated to plenty of new developments regarding updates to the ever evolving online shooter. You can watch the full stream here (it’s over an hour long and features devs in their homes, it’s kind of charming for that aspect alone).

However, among the announcements like deluxe models of some Tenno, Nightwave 3’s arrival (Jam out to those dark tunes!), and some updates on a planned “Hard” mode coming to the Star Charts, it turns out that one of the big open-world updates is going to take a little longer to come to the galaxy. The Duviri Paradox is now slated to hit in 2021 at best.

As always, there’s still tons of content dropping all the time in Warframe, but Tenno will have to wait for the promise of this enticing open-world experience.

Source: Gameinformer