Watch The Google Gaming Announcement Here

Click to watch embedded media Google has teased a big announcement in the gaming space, and you can watch it right here in the header of this article when the stream goes live at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific.

We don’t know a ton about the impending announcement, but it comes on the heels of a test of Project Stream, a stream-based gaming service that, during the test, let users play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey through Google Chrome on PCs that typically wouldn’t be able to handle such a demanding game. We also got a glimpse of a potential controller design through a patent.

It all happens at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific. We’ll also have plenty of additional information on the site, so be sure to come back after the dust settles on the announcement.

Source: Gameinformer