What To Watch This Weekend: Overwatch League, Evo Japan, And Rainbow Six Siege

It’s a big week all over the world! Overwatch League starts off here in the States, Counter-Strike gets some love in Poland, and fighting games are big in Japan.

The Overwatch League started back up this week and will be finishing its first run of matches tomorrow. You can catch old favorites like the Shanghai Dragons (favorites because who doesn’t like an underdog?) face off against new teams like the Vancouver Titans. (Stream / Schedule)

When they’re not shutting the stream down due to Dead or Alive-related incidents, Evo Japan brings some of the most competitive fighting game action for Street Fighter V, the King of Fighters XIV, Soulcalibur VI, Tekken 7, and more. (Stream / Schedule)

The Rainbow Six Siege Invitational wraps up this Sunday, but today it’ll be working through the semi-final matches as well as a short documentary on the game’s competitive scene. We should also get our first major look at the fourth season’s roadmap and reveal tomorrow. (Stream / Schedule)

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene starts its march toward crowning a champion in Katowice, Poland, as the “New Challengers” stage pits 16 qualifying teams are pit against each other, Swiss style, to see which 8 proceed to the next stage. (Stream / Schedule)

You can’t stop the League of Legends LCS circuit, and why would you want to? There are more matches going on this weekend, so continue not trying to stop it. (Stream / Schedule)

That’s it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed an event, or if there’s a scene you’d like us to cover, in the comments.

Source: Gameinformer