Where's Our Outer Wilds Review?

Today, reviews are taking off for Mobius Digital’s long-gestating space exploration adventure Outer Wilds. However, we need some more time before we can land on a verdict for this ambitious interstellar title.

Outer Wilds casts you as an explorer in a solar system ostensibly working to prevent a supernova from exploding and killing everything. You do this by searching planets, comets, stations, and other places of note, looking into ancient texts by alien species to uncover the secret places of the system. Outer Wilds is at its best when you’re beholding a beautiful vista of a frozen space pod streaking past the sun or when you’re spelunking into a hollow planet to find deserted and mysterious cities. It’s a game that brilliantly presents the wonder of space: The art is gorgeous and the proper music always seems to be playing at just the right moment to convey the sorrow or miraculous nature of whatever you’re beholding. 

I’m having a fair amount of fun with Outer Wilds’ exploratory offerings, though its awkward controls and convoluted progression system are proving to be obstacles the further I get into the game. While I enjoy discovering new secrets buried in the center of moons and planets, my patience for running down the frustratingly oblique main quest is waning. 

Check back later in the week for our full review. In the meantime, here are all of the wacky ways I’ve died in the game thus far.

Source: Gameinformer