Which Outriders Class Should You Pick

Outriders is available now and rocky server launch issues aside, players have been enjoying what People Can Fly has to offer. Before taking on the dangerous world of Enoch, there are a few things you should know. We’ve got our master guide here to cover all of the bases, but the first step is deciding what you want to play. With four classes to choose from, here is everything you need to know to decide which Outriders class you should pick. 

Which Outriders class should you pick? 

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There is a playstyle for everyone. Whether you want to go full-on tank with the Devastator class, or want to take on the role of support with Technomancer, here is what you can expect from each choice: 


The Devastator is the backbone of any group of Outriders, and that’s something I talked a little more about in our Review in Progress. Strong and tough, they control gravity and use the power of the earth to crush their enemies. A close-combat specialist that wades into damage, their powers allow them to leap into the fight, cover themselves in rock-like skin, and send their enemies flying with powerful ground pounds.


The Pyromancer is a medium-range class with powerful AoE damage. Wielding the power of fire, Pyromancers cover the battlefield with their blazing fury. The Thermal Bomb turns any enemy within range into a walking explosive that detonates when that enemy dies. Their firewalls tear across the battlefield and flushes enemies out from cover. Pyromancers may not be as durable as Devastators or as mobile as Tricksters, but their explosive arsenal makes them a threat in any situation.


Technomancers control technology and can manifest weapons of destruction from thin air. This class is especially perfect for those that like engineering-based combat. It’s a flexible combat style that can be built as a crowd-control support character, damage-over-time monster, heavy ordinance blaster, or a hodgepodge of everything. This is the only class in Outriders that can heal teammates, which makes them great for teams running together.


The Trickster is the hit-and-run damage dealer of Outriders; their job is to cause chaos (much like the name suggests). They operate at their full potential in close combat and are equipped with powers that allow for unrivaled mobility on the battlefield as they flank enemies. They can slow down time, a power that’s great both defensively and offensively, and can teleport around the battlefield. Up close, they wreak havoc with their Temporal Slice, a wide arcing melee attack that turns unfortunate foes to skeletons.

For our review, I played all four classes, one of which to full completion and the second is almost done as well. My first run was for the Pyromancer, which I enjoyed, but I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re playing solo. It’s not bad by any stretch, in fact, it’s exhilarating, but something with more effective heals and defense would be better for those venturing out alone. For those playing solo, I’d recommend either the Devastator for its tank combat and defense or Technomancer for the additional healing properties and turret support. Each class feels wildly different, so feel free to play around and see which one feels best! That being said, Trickster is now my number one Best Boy and we’ll have those memories forever. 

For a full breakdown of the class abilities and perks, check out our class breakdown right here. 

Source: Gameinformer