Why Apex Legends Changed Revenant From Assault To Skirmisher

Revenant has gone through quite a substantial transformation with the start of Apex Legends Season 18, adopting brand-new abilities to match his monstrous new form. As part of that change, the previously Assault class legend has moved over to the Skirmisher category. According to Respawn, this change was done to better reflect Revenant’s depiction in the battle royale game’s story.

“As far as changing him over to Skirmisher, that didn’t come [because] we wanted to move him to Skirmisher and that [decision] influenced the rework,” Apex Legends game designer Evan Funnell told me. “It was mostly that we had a goal in mind for where we wanted Revenant to be to match him closer to the lore–or to his fantasy–and to his narrative.”

There’s a tricky distinction between both Assault and Skirmisher. Unlike the other classes where legends have fairly distinct roles, legends in both the Assault and Skirmisher classes can have similarly movement-oriented and damage-dealing abilities. After this past season–which saw Mirage move from Skirmisher to Support–it seemed like the main difference between the two classes when movement-oriented abilities were involved was in how they are usually used. Assault legends primarily use their abilities to initiate fights while Skirmisher legends can use their abilities to initiate or escape.

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Source: Gamespot