WNBA Athletes Could Be Featured In The Next 2K Game

Yesterday, UCONN alum and two-time WNBA Champion Renee Montgomery posted a silly photo on Twitter that pictured her modeling for an undisclosed NBA2k game.

Then ridin with my surfboard… Surfboard.
So cool to be scanned for the @NBA2K game. Send me a photo if you ever use my player.
•1#NBA2k #XBox #Gamer #Surfboard #iHopeMyRatingIsGood pic.twitter.com/gODDIpahYp
— Renee Montgomery (@Da20one) February 18, 2019

While the image that follows it displays the 2K19 Xbox One bundle, fans have taken to her post to inquire about a possible WNBA feature in the upcoming (but unannounced) 2K20. 2K has yet to announce the game or any of the new features.

[Source: @Da20one]


The WNBA made its first video game appearance in EA’s NBA Live 18, and has been a relatively neglected feature in the series since. NBA2K, however, remains the most popular of the two basketball franchises, and its possible inclusion of WNBA athletes could make future titles more appealing to female basketball fans. Additionally, this choice has the potential to place a much-needed spotlight on basketball’s all-female league. Personally, if female athletes join the already expansive team roster of 2K, this would be fantastic. I come from a sports-loving family, and the WNBA hardly ever gets the recognition it deserves. 

Source: Gameinformer