World Of WarCraft Classic Launches In August

Blizzard has revealed when World of WarCraft players will be able to return to the original version of Azeroth as part of WoW Classic: August 27.

Announced at Blizzcon last year alongside the Battle for Azeroth expansion, World of WarCraft Classic rewinds the clock on the titular World, resetting it to how it was in the base version of the game, giving longtime players a dose of nostalgia and new players the chance the appreciate all the changes that have come to their MMO of choice in the years since.

Classic will roll out at different times for different times depending on your time zone. To see when it’ll hit your server, check here. Character creation for the server will roll out before then, however; you’ll be able to make a new character starting August 13.

Blizzard is also having a few stress tests for Classic starting next week, with invites rolling out tomorrow. There will be a test on May 22, June 19, and July 18 before launch. Blizzard will be selecting participants based on whether they have an active WoW subscription (or leftover game time), but will also factor how long a player has been playing so they have “the right mix of players” to ensure quality feedback from the stress tests.

[Source: Blizzard]

Source: Gameinformer