WoW Private Servers


Vanilla WoW
Server Rates Type Language
Classic-WoW x1 PVE German
Covenant-WoW x1-Instant 60 PVP English
Elysium x1 PVP English
Kronos WoW x1 PVP English
Light’s Hope x1 PVP English
NostalGeek x1 PVP French
RetroWoW Instant 60 PVP English
SymmetryWoW x1 PVP, PVE English
Vanilla Gaming x1-x15 PVP English
Burning Crusade
Server Rates Type Language
Back2Basics x2 PVE German
DeathSide x50 PVP Russian
ExcaliburWoW x2 PVP English
The Geek Crusade x1 PVE French
Korakion x1 PVE English
Primal WoW x1-x3 PVE English
PsychoFun 2.4.3 Instant 70 PVE Slovak
Smolderforge Instant 70 PVP English
Vengeance WoW Instant 58,x2 (58-70) PVE English
Valor TBC x7 PVP English
Warmane x5 PVP English
Wrath of the Lich King
Server Rates Type Language
Dalaran-WoW x1 PVP English
Eternal-WoW x2, x10, x180, Instant 80 PVE, PVP English
Firestorm (Icecrown) x5 PVE English/French
Gamer District x1 – x7 PVP English
Havoc-WoW Funserver PvP/PvE English
Heroes of WoW x10 PVP Portuguese
Inner-Realms x1 PVE English
OmegaWoW x2 PVP English
Rising Gods x1 PVE German
Shadowburn x1 PVP/PVE English
Sunwell x2 PVP English/Polish
TrueWoW x1-x3 PVP English
TwinStar (Hyperion) x1 PVP CZ/SK/English
WoWArg x1-x2-x3 PVP/PVE Spanish
Warmane x1, x7, Instant 80 PVP English
WoW Circle x1 – x100, Instant 80 PVE, PVP Russian/English
WoW Mania x2 PVE English
WoW Sulvus Instant 80 PVP Spanish
WoWGasm Reloaded x1-x7 PVE English
World of the Gods x1.5, Instant 80 PVP English
Server Rates Type Language
Atlantiss x1 PVP English
Eternal-WoW (Apocalypse) x7 PVP English
Firestorm (Deathwing) x5 PVE English
GPLP x2 PVP Spanish
Monster Wow x12, Instant 85 PVE, PVP English/International
TwinStar (Artemis) x1 PVP English/CZ/SK
TwinStar – (Hades WoW) x2 PVP English
WoW Circle x1, x100x, Instant 85 PVP, PVE Russian/English
WoWMortal (Destiny) Instant 85 PVPVE English
Mists of Pandaria
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm (Garrosh) x5 PVE English/French/Spanish
Pandaren Br x60 PVP Portuguese
Panda WoW x10, x100, Instant 90 PVE, PVP Russian/English/Spanish
Tauri WoW x1, x2, x15 PVP Hungarian/English
Warmane (Frostwolf) x7 PVP English
WoW Freakz Instant 90 PVP English/Romanian
Warlords of Draenor
Server Rates Type Language
Firestorm 6.2.3 x5 PVP English/French/Spanish
Server Rates Type Language
Ashamane x1-x10 PVP French
Athissa x1-x5 PVE English
Firestorm x3 PVE English/French/Spanish
Monster Wow (Sargeras) x12 PVE English/International
WoW Circle x4, x100 PVP Russian/English
WoW Freakz x10, x3 PVP English
WoWMortal Instant 110 PVP English
Battle Of The Azeroth
Server Expansion Type Language
Nazmir x1-x5 PVP/PVE English/France/Russia/Others
Custom & RP Servers
Server Expansion Type Language
Heroes WoW x100 Custom English
Paragon WoW Legion Blizzlike RP English
Project Ascension WotLK Custom English
RP Heaven Legion All GM English
Turtle WoW Vanilla RPPvE English
Unknown Shores Legion RP English