WWE 2K21 Is Not Happening

During an investor call on yesterday, the WWE confirmed that this year’s installment of 2K Games’ WWE 2K franchise is not happening.

Taking a year off might be a good thing; WWE 2K20 had various technical issues that left many fans disappointed. This also came after 2K Games split with longtime developer Yuke’s, handing the series entirely over to Visual Concepts. No one factor alone is likely to be the sole reason for pressing pause, but the extra time should give 2K Games the opportunity to assess its priorities with the franchise. 

However, the absence of the WWE 2K name doesn’t necessarily mean wrestling fans won’t be getting any new games at all. A tweet from the WWE 2K account promises more details and “exciting news” next week.

To get a wrestling fix in the meantime, you can watch a few current and former Game Informer editors play WWF No Mercy on this episode of Replay.

Source: Gameinformer

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